My Playlists Page

This article describes how to work in the My Playlists page in KMS.

To access the My Playlists page

If you cannot access the My Playlists page, ask your MediaSpace administrator to give you the required permission.

  1. Select My Playlists from the User drop down menu. The My Playlist page displays.

The My Playlist page allows users to see all available playlists and create new playlists directly from this page by clicking on the Create Playlist button. See Create and Add Media to a Playlist from the My Playlists Page.

The page includes:

  • A graphical representation of all playlists, including a Watch Later Playlist that is used to collect content to watch later and is shared with the KMS Go application. The Watch Later Playlist cannot be deleted or published. 
  • The ability to view the page in grid or list format by clicking on the grid or list icons in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  • Thumbnail, number of items in the playlist, playlist name, status, and information on when the playlist was last updated.
  • Link to the Playlist Details page, Share and Embed Playlists page, and Edit Playlist Details page for each playlist.
  • Ability to search for (using detailed filters) and delete playlists.
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