Playlist Playback Page

This article describes how to work in the Playlist Playback page in KMS.

To access the Playlist Playback page

There are two ways to access the Playlist Playback page - from the My Playlist page or from the Playlist Details page.

If you cannot access the Playlist Playback page, ask your MediaSpace administrator to give you the required permission.

The Playlist Playback page displays.

The Playlist Playback page allows users to watch media in the playlist one by one. The page includes the following information:

  • First item in playlist displays in large player on left. (If the playlist was set to auto play, the first item in the playlist starts playing automatically as soon as you visit the Playlist Playback page.)
  • Playlist name, status, and complete list of items in the playlist displays on right. 
  • The bottom half of the screen shows the name, creator, when the item was last updated, along with number of likes, number of plays, number of comments, and a field to enter a new comment. Tabs are displayed based on the media's settings.
  • Media related to the media being played is shown as well.
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