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This article describes how to edit playlists in KMS and KAF. After you have created a playlist, you can modify the playlist's details, content, and order from the Edit Playlist Details page.

To access the Edit Playlist Details Page 

If you cannot access the Edit Playlist Details page, ask your MediaSpace administrator or KAF administrator to give you the required permission.

From My Playlists page in KMS

  1. Access the My Playlists page.
  2. Choose one of the following methods: 
    1. Click the pencil icon under the desired playlist thumbnail.
    2. Click Playlist Details under the desired playlist, then click the Edit button.

From My Channels Page in KMS or Media Gallery in KAF

  1. Access the My Channels/Media Gallery.
  2. For Channels, click the Edit (pencil) icon on the channel thumbnail or click on thumbnail and choose Edit from the ACTIONS drop down menu. For Media Galleries, choose Edit from the ACTIONS drop down menu.
  3. Select the Playlists tab and click the pencil icon next to the playlist you want to modify.

The Edit Playlist Details page displays.

The Edit Playlist Details Page includes the following information:

  • Thumbnail and Playlist Name
  • Creator, number of items in the playlist, status, and when it was last updated
  • Description and tags
  • A list of all items in the playlist, including a thumbnail, name, and creator.

To modify the playlist's details

  • Edit the text in the relevant fields (name, description, and/or tags). 
  • To delete a tag, click on the x to the right of the tag name.

To modify the playlist's content and/or order

  • To manually reorder media in the playlist, grab the two lines to the left of the media and drag to the desired spot in the playlist.

  • To move the entry to the bottom or to the top of the list of entries, click the three dots to the right of the media and choose Move to Bottom or Move to Top.
  • To remove media from the playlist, click the three dots to the right of the media you would like to remove and choose Remove.
  • To add media to the playlist, see here.

If working in the Edit Watch Later page, you may not modify the order of the playlist, but you can remove media from the playlist by clicking the Remove (minus) button to the right of the media.

After you are finished editing the playlist, click Save.

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