Quick Polls in your Live Room

Quick polls provide an awesome way to get structured, real time feedback from participants without the need to set anything up beforehand.  You can simply ask the question yourself or launch one of these Quick Poll Templates.pdf first before launching your quick poll.

Host/Moderator Experience

Launch a Quick Poll

  1. Select the Quick Poll icon.
  2. Select your preferred poll type that best fits the question you asked to launch the poll.
    1. Green check / red x - for yes or no questions, agree or disagree
    2. Happy/neutral/sad - to get a snapshot on how participants feel about the topic
    3. A/B/C/D - for multiple choice polling
    4. 1/2/3/4/5 - for Likert scale polling  
That's it. After selecting the poll option the poll launches for the participants. They see the reply options and are able to click their response.

See Real Time Poll Results

Hosts/Moderators see poll results coming in as participants respond to the poll. Results display as aggregated results with %'s on the number of participants that have started a poll as well the percentage reply distribution and indications of what each participant selected in the participant list as well as on their webcams.  

Yes/No Quick Poll Example

Likert Scale Poll Example

Share and End The Poll

When you are ready to end the poll, you can decide whether or not to share the aggregate results or not. Participants do not see what other participants have answered and do not see the results of the poll at an aggregated level unless the poll is shared.

Share Results

Sharing results also ends the poll.

  1. Click Share Results in the quick poll.
  2. Quick poll results are now visible. Dismiss the poll by clicking the x. 

End a Poll without Sharing Results

Click End to stop the poll without sharing the results.

Participants' Experience 

Participants are able to reply to polls that are launched by the moderator. Participants do not see what other participants reply to the poll and only see aggregate results if they are shared by the moderator.

Reply To Poll

Click the answer option in the poll that best reflects your response to the question posed by the moderator.

Yes/No Quick Poll Example

Likert Quick Poll Example

See Shared Quick Poll Results

If the moderator shared the quick poll results, then participants can see the shared results.

Accessing Results After the Session

All your quick polls statistics and results can be reviewed and exported through session stats pages in your Kaltura Meetings' rooms management site.  For more information about viewing Quick Polls' statistics, see Kaltura Meetings - Accessing and Reviewing Quick Poll Results.

Quick Poll Settings

  1. Click the Settings icon and choose Settings.
    The Settings window (Device Settings tab) displays.
  2. Click Quick Poll Settings tab.
  3. To perform an anonymous poll (the user responses from which are hidden not only from students, but also from you, the Admin/Teacher), select Anonymous Mode. Only an aggregate view of results will be displayed. This setting may be useful if you are performing a poll, for instance, on how students rate your teaching skills. You would not want to see specific user responses for such a poll. 
  4. Choose your target audience. To perform a poll to which only participants/students can respond (and not teachers/hosts), select Non Moderators Only. To perform a poll to which all participants except the person launching the poll can respond (which is the default setting), select All Participants But The Triggering Host
  5. Click Close

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