Overview of the InPlayer Integration with Kaltura MediaSpace

Kaltura MediaSpace

Kaltura MediaSpace is a fully customizable media destination site for your organization. MediaSpace is an out-of-the-box video-centric site that can serve as a repository for media collections across the organization or a full-featured "Corporate YouTube.” MediaSpace enables community, collaboration and social activities by leveraging the power of online video. MediaSpace enables true collaboration with many contributors, moderators and viewers in a multitude of channels, projects and communities. Depending on your setup, the site can be either public or restricted to authorized end users. In addition, sections of the site may be restricted to members only. You can check more details on the official  Kaltura MediaSpace Video Portal site.

InPlayer Integration

InPlayer's monetization platform features a fully developed integration with Kaltura MediaSpace and you may run this integration on a Demo or Live environment. 

It is advantageous for administrators to have their own Demo account to experience the solution and options using a "test" credit card, instead of live currency. The following "test" credit card is provided for use in the Demo environment.

Note that you can only connect one Kaltura account with an InPlayer account and the InPlayer MediaSpace App URL is different depending on which environment you are currently running (Demo or Live). The URL differences are documented herein.

The user experience is the same for Demo and Live environments; the difference is in the back end - once a client is signed, a completely new Live account is created for them. 

Monetizing Channels Versus Monetizing a Specific Video

Content owners can monetize channels and/or specific videos in Kaltura MediaSpace. Instructions for both use cases are included herein. 

Connecting InPlayer and Kaltura

Kaltura MediaSpace Setup for Integrating InPlayer

Kaltura MediaSpace Setup for Monetizing a Specific Video (Only applicable for monetizing videos.)

Adding a Custom Tab to your MediaSpace Menu

Creating the Assets

Linking an Asset with a Kaltura MediaSpace Channel

Linking an Asset with a Kaltura MediaSpace Video (Only applicable for monetizing videos.)

Removing the InPlayer Integration


Prerequisites depend on whether you are monetizing a channel or a specific video and are as follows:

If you are monetizing a channel, the InPlayer integration requires that you create “Private” channels so that only viewers with permissions will be able to view the media.

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