Kaltura Meeting Experiences (Newrow)

Kaltura MediaSpace Newrow Virtual Classroom & Webinar Module

Version 1.5


The Kaltura Newrow Module allows you to open a Real Time Room from a Kaltura Channel or your own personal Real Time Room from the Kaltura Mediaspace or KAF Application User menu.

It is possible to select and play Kaltura media from the channel or user for synchronous playback from within the Newrow room.  The real time session can be recorded and is automatically uploaded to the Kaltura Channel or My Media.

Technical Implementation

To access the Real Time Room module, users must join from WebRTC supported browsers: 

  • PC - Chrome, Firefox
  • MacOS - Chrome, Firefox
  • Android - Chrome, 
  • iOS - Safari

See the Newrow Smart Recommended System Requirements for more information.

Kaltura Meeting Experiences Newrow Administrator's Guide
Kaltura Meeting Experiences Newrow User Guide
Known Limitations

Real time rooms are fully supported in the following browsers: 

  • Chrome (PC, MacOS, Android)
  • Firefox (PC, MacOS, Android) 
  • Safari (iOS). 
  • Edge for PC and Safari for MacOS coming soon.  

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