Unique string to identify that installation of the KMS/LMS. This value can be set during installation only.


String used to be set as privacy context on root category. This value can be set during installation only.


Metadata Profile ID for user's role per KAF installation instance


Not applicable for KAF.

What is your KMS website title? The website title is displayed in the browser's title bar and usually is displayed in search engine results. Page titles consist of the name of the currently loaded media and the website title. For example, if a page has a video called 'My Video' and 'LMS' is the website title, the page title is: 'My Video – LMS


Not applicable for KAF.

What is your KMS footer text?


Not applicable for KAF.

Should MediaSpace force IE to use the latest engine when Compatibility Mode is enabled? By default, if compatibility mode is enabled, Internet Explorer renders the page with IE7's engine. Turning on this option forces Internet Explorer to use the latest rendereing engine. For more details, please visit this link.


Not applicable for KAF.

What is the name of your custom MediaSpace theme?


Not applicable for KAF.

Choose your instance configuration. See Localization for KMS/KAF Administrators - How to Change Your Kaltura Application Language?


Choose the languages you want to enable for your users. You can edit existing languages and add custom languages using the Languages module.


Select 'Yes' to show the available languages with the flag. Select 'No' to show the first 2 letters representing the language.


Choose the default language for a new user. In KMS when your is changing the language from the drop down list on the UI, The language will be saved on a persistent cookie. In KAF based LMS, the language on the Kaltura elements will be set according to the local language set by the user in the LMS settings.


Enable the 'Like' feature for entries.


This is the legacy Webcam configuration. Please use the Recorder module to use the new Webcam capabilities. 


Include the media title in the URL of the media page when browsing the site and sharing a link to the media.


Enable editing of published entries. 


Enable deletion of published entries.


Enable deleting the media. 


Enable showing number of views per entry. 


Show page titles. 


Enable setting entries as unlisted. An unlisted entry can be viewed by anyone with the link to the entry page. Unlisted media can be accessed by anyone with a direct link to the media page and will not be displayed in search results. This is not relevant for KAF applications.


Which timezone should KMS/KAF use to present times and dates?


Set to 'Yes' to show webcast and scheduling time in the user's time zone.


Enable assets (js/css) consolidation and minification. 


Enter the Custom Metadata Profile Id for the entry's additional information.


Show the user's email address in the user suggestions box?


When enabling this configuration a 'Load More' button will appear in galleries and channels to allow loading additional entries. This option replaces the endless scrolling mechanism.


Which day starts the week.


Select how the media date should show to users all over the site.
Note: Format display refers to editing date picker style, which will be displayed as American: mm/dd/yyyy or European: dd/mm/yyyy.
Note: Scheduled entries will also show the weekday, hour, and timezone after the selected date type (e.g. Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 1:15 PM MDT).
Select how the media upload date should show to the users. Choose "x time ago" to show "3 months ago" or "4 days ago".  Choose "On date" to show "On 4/5/2019" depending on the date format that was selected.
Choose what column to show on the user management table.
timeDisplayChoose how to show time in the application. The coices are 24 hours or am/pm.
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