Use this module to change the default format for date representation in the application.  You can change the default date formats for any of the site’s languages. 

The application has 3 date formats, used in different locations and chosen according to the context and the space available.  Leave the fields empty, to use system defaults:

  1. Long (e.g: Saturday, June 12, 2021)
  2. Short (e.g: June 12, 2021)
  3. Long with no year (e.g: Saturday, June 12).

Each of the formats is used in different pages/locations in the application. To find a list of locations, please see the Setting the Date and Time Format Display article.

Admins may apply different date format for different languages, using the mapping below. This is useful for languages such as Japanese, where the date standard requires special characters.

To build your own date format, choose from the following tokens:

  • YYYY: 4-digit year '2019'
  • YY: 2-digit year '19'
  • MMMM: Full-length month 'June'
  • MMM: 3 character month 'Jun'
  • MM: Month of the year, zero-padded '06'
  • M: Month of the year '6'
  • dddd: Day of the week 'Sunday'
  • DD: Day of the month, zero-padded '01'
  • D: Day of the month '1'
  • Do: Day of the month with numeric ordinal contraction '1st'

Here's some common date formats and how to express them using tokens:

  • To show '2019-06-01' use: YYYY-MM-DD
  • To show 'June 1st, 2019': MMMM Do, YYYY
  • To show 'The 1st of June' use: [The] Do [of] MMMM
  • To show '6/1/2019' use: M/D/YYYY
  • To show '2020年 5月11日 火曜日' use: YYYY[年] MM[月] DD[日] dddd

Below you will find the list of fields available in the module:



timeDisplayChoose how to show the time in the application.
AddLanguageDatesClick to open the date representation for a specific language configuration.
Choose the language you would like to apply these specific date format to from the site’s languages. Each language may have its own setting, if left empty, the default is used.
longDateFull date including the day of the week. e.g: Saturday, June 12, 2021.
shortDateDate not including the day of the week. e.g: June 12, 2021.
longDateNoYearDate including the day of the week, but no year. e.g: Saturday, June 12.
weekStartDayWhich day starts the week
uploadDateStyleSelect how the media upload date should show to the users. Choose "x time ago" to show "3 month ago" or "4 days ago". Choose "On date" to show "On 4/5/2019" depending on the date format that was selected.

For additional information see  Localization for KMS/KAF Administrators - How to Change Your Kaltura Application Language?

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