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Overview of Annoto

Annoto is an in-video collaboration and engagement solution that turns your video content consumption from passive individual watching to active, social, and collaborative experience.  Annoto integrates with Kaltura as a plugin on top of the existing video player. It provides innovative UX for threaded discussions and call to action interactions during the video, increasing user engagement and collaboration.

The comprehensive analytics provide powerful insights that enable a 360° view on training and learning in real-time, facilitate dramatic improvements to content, communications, and measurable outcomes.

Annoto and Kaltura have partnered to enable organizations to unleash in-video collaboration and insights in one click.

If this module is not in your MediaSpace application, please contact your Kaltura representative to enquire about adding it. 

Enable/Disable Annoto in MediaSpace      

The Annoto in-video collaboration and insights solution can be configured and enabled on the following:

  • On you entire MediaSpace instance
  • On a specific channel
  • On a specific media

Enable Annoto in a Channel

  1. Go to the Channel Actions menu.
  2. In the Details tab in the Options section, select Enable in-video annotations and analytics for channel (Annoto). 

This option is available only if activationEditAllowed is set to Yes and the user is authorized to activate/deactivate Annoto.  For additional information see the Annoto - Administrator Guide.

Disable Annoto on Specific Media 

After you enable Annoto on your entire MediaSpace instance or for a specific channel, you can disable Annoto per media.

To disable Annoto for a specific media entry

  1. Select the video that you want to disable Annoto for.
  2. Click on Actions menu, and then Edit.
  3. Under Options Tab, check the “Disable in-video annotations and analytics for this media”.

This option is available only if activationEditAllowed is set to Yes and the user is authorized to activate/deactivate Annoto (for more details, please refer to Annoto  Module.

Annoto Insights Dashboard

The Annoto Insights Dashboard provides comprehensive analytics and insights about the users and their interactions, giving a view on how and when users interact with the video content and with each other.

To access Annoto Insights dashboard

  1. Go to the Channel Actions menu.
  2. Click on Annoto Analytics.

    The Annoto Insights Dashboard is displayed.

Annoto analytics are available for galleries in addition to channels.


The Annoto and Kaltura users Single Sign-on integration, does not work in content that was embedded outside of KMS.




After enabling the Module and entering the apiKey, the ssoSecret and enabling Annoto on the media, Annoto is still not displaying.

Need to verify that the client does not have an alias domain, instead of the traditional domain, as the apiKey and ssoSecret that Annoto provides are generated based on the domain

Verify that the apiKey and ssoSecret are not switched by mistake.

For more information, click here

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