Kaltura and Annoto Data Transfer

Processed Data

Kaltura shares data about the media details (media items and their context) and information about the users that consume the media.

Annoto collects all the UGC (User Generated Content) such as comments, votes, private notes, etc. and securely stored on AWS cloud (SAAS solution) or dedicated enterprise cloud (Enterprise solution).

To provide the best customer and user experience, some of the data is transferred between Kaltura and Annoto platforms.

Media Details Data

Kaltura shares the following media details to Annoto:

  1. Media identifier
  2. Media title
  3. Media description
  4. Media duration
  5. Media author
  6. Media thumbnail URL
  7. Context (channel/category/course) identifier
  8. Context title
  9. Context description
  10. Context thumbnail URL

Users' Data

Kaltura shares the following user information to Annoto via SSO (Single Sign-On):

  1. User identifier
  2. User full name
  3. User email
  4. User role

Data Transfer Methods

All the data is securely transferred over https.

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