To configure the Annoto module, make sure you have the key and secret that you received from Annoto.

This module adds Annoto support to the Kaltura players, and Annoto Analytics to channels.




Set to Yes to enable the module.


API Key provided by Annoto for your site.


Single Sign On secret matching the API Key provided by Annoto for your site.


Enables discussions to be private in the scope of Course/Category/Channel. If disabled, discussions on same video entries will be public across Courses/Categories/Channels.


If enabled, by default Annoto is active on all the Videos for all Courses/Categories/Channels.


If enabled, Authorized Users will be able to activate/deactivate Annoto for specific Courses/Categories/Channels/Videos.


Who can activate/deactivate Annoto? if a role is selected, any role above it will also be able to activate/deactivate Annoto.

  • Specific Users: whitelisted users or groups created in the Kaltura user and group configuration
  • privateOnlyRole: this role can add media and upload content to My Media but cannot publish to galleries.
  • adminRole: this role can contribute content to all categories and upload content.
  • unmoderatedAdminRole: this role can upload content and bypass moderation (when moderation is enabled for an account).

For more information on Roles and Permissions , see Kaltura Roles and Permmisions.

disableUserAnalyticsIf checked, User detailed analytics will be disabled and not shown in the Annoto dashboard.
guestUsersAllowedIf checked, Not logged in Users will be able to see Annoto Widget. [KMS only]
loginPathURL path for user login page. If provided, Users will have login prompts in the widget to add a comment/vote/etc.
UX  -  User Experiences Preferences

sidePanelLayoutIf enabled, Annoto widget will be positioned on the side of the player instead of overlay.
SidePanelFullScreenIf enabled, the Annoto widget sidePanelLayout will work in player fullscreen as well.
sidePaneClosedOnLoadIf enabled, Annoto widget will be closed when player first loads even if sidePanelLayout is enabled.
positionPosition of the discussion widget.
forceDarkThemeIf enabled, Annoto will always use the dark theme.
disableTabsIf disabled, Annoto widget will not have tabs for quickly toggling between discussion and private notes.
If enabled, the Annoto widget includes tabs on the side for quickly toggling between discussion and private notes.
playerEmbedSizesOverrideEnable overriding the BSE player sizes (for the optimal Annoto experience)
playerEmbedSizesDefine sizes that can be used for embedded players. Define the player size in the following format: {width}x{height}.
  • Large 1200*628
  • Medium 1024*576
  • Small 900*506
Plugin Settings

enablePlayerPlugin Enables the built-in Player Plugin. If disabled, Annoto plugin would not be injected into the Kaltura player by the module. Allows using Kaltura player with custom (non-production) Annoto plugin.
Annoto Deployment Region.
playerPluginCDNCDN host of the Annoto plugin assets.
analyticsCDNCDN host of the Annoto analytics assets.
Integration Configuration
ID of the App Token.
Value of the App token.
Hash type used to generate the App token.
Player UI config ID to be used by Annoto.

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