Annoto Essentials & Admin Agenda


This session is intended for admins and\or users and will cover Annoto essentials, use cases and best practices.

Upon completion of this learning session, participants will:

  • Have a thorough acquaintance with the Annoto widget:
    • Know all of its features
    • Know how to use them
    • Understand their added value
  • Be equipped with Annoto’s best practices that are tailor-made to your organizational need.
  • Have a thorough acquaintance with the Annoto dashboard:
    • Understand the analytics the dashboard provides
    • Understand the insights that can be gained from the analytics
  • Receive all materials from the training




Greeting\ Introduction

Annoto Solution

  • Overview

➢ Overview of Annoto, how to use it and what is its purpose?

Annoto Widget - Comments zone:

  • Comments (sentiment) [interactions between students and faculty and among students)
  • Reply (instructor indicator)
  • Timetag (Context)
  • Timeline (provide insights – bars colors and heights)
  • Enriching layer
  • Likes (students’ vs educators’)

➢ Learn how to use the shared comments space and what insights can be gained from it

Annoto Widget – Personal Notes zone:

➢ Learn how to use the personal notes, and the unique uses for different roles

Annoto Widget – Email Notifications

➢ Learn the different kinds of notifications and how to control them

Annoto Dashboard

  • Channel level
  • Video level
  • User level

➢ Understand the data that is presented in the dashboard and the insights that can be gained from it

Annoto Use Cases

➢ Overview of use case examples for different uses of Annoto

Best Practices for using Annoto

➢ Learn how to make the best of Annoto

Admin & Configuration 

  • Understanding how to set up your admin configuration for Annoto.
  • Configure Annoto in your channel

➢ Configure and enable Annoto in your environment

Kaltura Products supported by Annoto

➢ Overview of the Kaltura products that Annoto supports

Getting Help\ Questions

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