Kaltura REACH V2 KMS/KAF/KMC Release Notes

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Kaltura REACH is a video discovery, search, and accessibility suite that helps organizations deliver the best video experiences for every audience group across every device. The suite supports captioning and transcription services, in-video and search and discovery, and metadata and keyword extraction. With Kaltura REACH, organizations can access global audiences, comply with government regulations and industry standards, and capture accurate data.

Kaltura REACH v2 introduces new features and a revised UI, witcentral credit management, unified usage reports and simple to use workflows within KMC, KMS and KAF applications. For more information about the Kaltura REACH, please see the Kaltura REACH page.

Release Notes List

KMS Version KMC Version Date Released Details
5.83 5.6.4 March 3, 2019 Details
5.82 5.2.0 February 3, 2019 Details
5.80 5.2.0 December 16, 2018 Details
5.79 5.2.0 November 18, 2018 Details


Version KMS 5.83 KMC 5.6.4

These release notes pertain to the Kaltura REACH v2, released on March 3, 2019 for KMS Version 5.83 and KMC Version 5.6.4. 

What's New in This Release

  • Ordering Captions for YouTube entries - Now available via the KMC only.
  • Transcript Widget on embedded items in LMS - The transcript widget size is now auto resized according to the allowed sizes in the different LMSs.
  • Ordering captions for "Draft Entries" as part of automatic ordering rules - From this release and forward, automatic captions' rules are also applied on draft entries. After a draft entry is created, a caption request is created with the status "Draft". The caption request will be updated and sent after the media is uploaded to the draft entry.

Resolved Issues




The Transcript Widget on embed pages is now placed below the player, and not above the player.


Version KMS 5.82 

These release notes pertain to the Kaltura REACH v2, released on February 3, 2019 for KMS Version 5.82. 

What's New in This Release

  • Additional Appended Files  -  In addition to the captions,  .txt and .json files will be added to the content related files. The files are available for download from the KMC and KMS. 

Version KMS 5.80 

These release notes pertain to the Kaltura REACH v2, released on December 16, 2018 for KMS Version 5.80. 

What's New in This Release

  • Unified Caption Editor - The Kaltura Caption Editor is now available for all media's captions. You can open the editor from Media edit page, Captions tab. (1)
  • Unified Transcript Widget with default display mode - A configuration was added to the Transcript Widget, that allows showing the transcript in the widget by default, or hiding it. (2) 

Resolved Issues




The Transcript Widget no longer overlaps the player.


Editor - The video preview has been fixed and is not missing when content access control requires a KS.


(1) REACH2-267; (2) REACH2-314; REACH2-306

Version KMS 5.79 KMC 5.2

These release notes pertain to the Kaltura REACH v2, released on November 19, 2018 for KMS Version 5.79 and KMC Version 5.2.0.

What's New in This Release

  • New Interfaces in MediaSpace, KAF extensions, KMC: Services Ordering, Request Moderations, Managing and monitoring
  • Ordering Workflows
    • Ability to review existing captions' requests per entry
    • Ordering Manual Captions per entry 
    • Bulk Ordering - from My Media (KMS, KAF) or entries list (KMC)
    • Ability to create and manage automatic ordering rules - per channel (KMS, KAF) and category (KMC)
    • Automatic ordering rules per account
  • Requests Moderation 
    • Enable moderation per service (Machine, Professional)
    • Review requests and additional information, including request cost
    • Approve/Reject requests
    • Bulk approval
    • Wide filtering options
    • Account/profile credit presentation - used and remining credit
  • Manual Workflow Notifications (Configuration)
    • When a caption request was rejected by the admin
    • When a caption request was approved by the admin
    • When captions were completed
    • When the account/profile reaches the credit limit

       (75%, 90%, 100%)

    • Agreggated notifications per user
  • Monitoring and Managing 
    • Managing accounts and profiles (sub accounts - per instance)
    • Account/profile credit presentation - used and remining credit
    • Requests statistic
    • Requests detailed list, status and additional information
    • Wide filtering options
    • Send requests CSV 
  • Caption Editor 
    • Simplified Caption Editor
    • Edit caption text
    • Edit captions' timestamp
    • Search and replace text
    • Shortcuts are available
  • Transcript Widget - (supported from player 2.7.x)
      • Transcript Widget is enabled in KMS and KAF fore various players. Configure the Transcript Widget per player, in the KMC studio.
      • Unified Transcript Widget - to all captions, either generated by REACH or manually uploaded.
      • Present captions in the Transcript Widget, following the video
      • Search within the transcript 
      • Download transcript
      • Print transcript
  • Entitlement Management 
    • Maintain permissions for the different actions (ordering, request approvals, editing, etc.)
    • Enable permissions according to roles or for specific users
    • Manage trusted users - those users' requests will not require admin approvals
    • Enable specific services per instance  
  • Captions' Display 
    • Display captions on player - configuration on the account/profile level, per service (Machine or Professional) - whether to display the captions while playing the video or not (supported from player 2.7.x)
    • Per entry - the ability to hide/show captions while playing the video  
  • Metadata Extraction - (Configuration) key words will be added as tags as part of the captioning process.
  • Security, Detection Policy (Configuration) - content (video + captions) will be deleted from the captions vendor servers according to the deletion policy. The options are: after captions are completed, after a week, after a month, or not deleted at all.
  • Glossary (Configuration) - the ability to add glossary on the account level to be considered while captioning.
  • Reports - request usage and billing reports by API. 

Known Limitations

  • Reach v2 is fully supported in MediaSpace V2 UI. MediaSpace v1 UI supports Reach with UI limitations on the services dashboard.
  • Caption Editor 
      • Shortcuts do not work on IE
      • Caption Editor - supported only on app with minimum width of 940px
  • Creating ordering rules per channels in KAF - no specific permissions apply on rules. (There is no filter on the content creator role, any content published in the channel will be captioned.)

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