Kaltura Express Capture

Kaltura Express Capture enables recording content directly from the browser without the need to install any additional software. Kaltura Express Capture is now available for all KMS and KAF instances.  A new Big Red Button has been added to the Kaltura Capture suite to enable you to add content from your Webcam Recorder to MediaSpace or your KAF applications. Kaltura Capture Express requires the Recorder module to be enabled on your partner. The Kaltura HTML recorder allows you to use your webcam or audio devices to record video and audio entries directly from your browser. (The browser must support webRTC.)  Please see supported browsers and more information here.

Click here to learn how to remove the legacy Flash webcam recorder. 

For a list of FAQs and troubleshooting information see here.

The Player version must be V3. 

Your instance must be configured to use HTTPS.  Kaltura Express Capture will not work over HTTP.

To create media using your Webcam Recorder and/or Microphone
  1. Select Express Capture from the + Add New drop down menu.
    The Record Media page is displayed.
  2. (Optional) Set the Camera or Audio Settings. The default settings are your personal computer's webcam and audio device.
    1. Click the Settings icon to select the source camera (if you have multiple cameras)  or audio device (if you have multiple audio devices) and to turn the camera/audio on/off.

      For KAF applications the screen is displayed as follows:
    2. Click on the arrow next to the camera to display the available cameras and the on/off toggle for the camera.
    3. Select the camera type.
    4. Toggle the camera off if you want to create an audio only recording.
    5. The following screen is displayed indicating that you are recording Audio only. Click the red button to start recording.

      The audio indicator is displayed while you are recording audio only.
    6. Toggle the audio off if you want to create a visual only recording.

      Both the camera and audio may not be turned off at the same time.
  3. Click the Record button to begin your recording. A three second countdown window is displayed.
  4. Start Recording.

    For KAF applications the screen is displayed as follows:

    A timer is displayed next to the Stop button.
  5. Click the Stop button to end your recording. The following window is displayed.
  6. Choose Record Again to retake the recording or Use This to use the current recording. “Record Again” discards the current recording. You will be reverted to the Record button where you can retake the recording.
  7. Select Use This when you are satisfied with your recording (after as many retakes as needed), to upload to Kaltura. The Upload window is displayed.
  8. Select Download a Copy to download a copy locally before you upload your file.
  9. Click Cancel to cancel the upload.

    For KAF applications, the upload window is displayed as follows:
  10. While the file is uploading, on the Upload Media page you can:
  • Enter metadata information about the media and click Save.
  • Select the Privacy Settings. When adding new media and editing the metadata, select if the media will be private, unlisted, or automatically published to specific categories and/or channels when the media is ready.

If you click Save before the file is completely uploaded, the media information is saved after the media is uploaded.

To view the media page after uploading is complete

  • Select My Media from the User dropdown menu.

    The uploaded file will get a default name and is saved automatically. The name is of the following format:
    “Video Recording - July 23, 2018 7:43pm EST” or “Audio Recording - July 23, 2018 7:43pm EST”.
    The entry details page displays the entry metadata and is editable if:
    - The recorded file is added from My Media or anywhere in KMS, the upload page displays the “Publish” option.
    - The recorded file is added from “Add to Category” (channel/gallery) or from the BSE, the “Publish” option” is not available.

Keyboard Shortcuts

For Recording

  • Start Recording/Record Again - Alt+Shift+R || ⌘+Option+R
  • Stop Recording - Alt+Shift+S || ⌘+Option+S
  • Pause/Un-Pause Recording - Alt+Shift+P || ⌘+Option+P
  • Upload/Use Recording - Alt+Shift+U || ⌘+Option+U

For Playback 

It depends on the use of the V3  player OR the video tag.

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