What is a playlist?

A playlist is a list of media items (videos, audios, images) that can be embedded with a player in your website. Playlists can serve as the basis for RSS feeds, content feeds to over the top devices or integrations such as Roku and Boxee. See Content Distribution and Syndication.

There are two types of playlists available:

  • Manual
  • Rule Based

Manual playlists allow you to select a static list of items, while Rule Based playlists are dynamic, and automatically updated based on what's currently available in your media library and what rules define the playlist. After you've created your playlist, you can assign a playlist to a player. 

A simple manual playlist is limited to 500 entries; however, this may drop to 150 if the account makes use of entitlement.

A rule based playlist has a maximum of 200 entries, however, when the playlist is used in a syndication feed the limitation is 10,000 entries.

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