Kaltura Meeting - Essentials & Admin Training Agenda


This session is intended for administrators & end users and will provide information about the Kaltura Meetings and Virtual Classroom tools. We’re going to touch on getting set-up, best practices, and put a special focus on the interactive tools and capabilities that can be used to leverage your communication.

Key takeaways 

  • What is Kaltura Meeting?
  • Best practices for using Live Rooms.
  • How to successfully prepare, run, and manage a live room?
  • Get to know all of the interactive and collaborative tools.
  • MediaSpace/ KAF permissions in live rooms.
  • How to set and configure the Kaltura Meetings Module within Kaltura MediaSpace and KAF applications?




Greeting/ Introduction 

  • Kaltura Meeting / Virtual Classroom
  • What is the purpose of this training?
  • Get started! how to launch the live room?
  • Learn how to launch the live room from a MediaSpace channel or a course Media Gallery. 
  • Review the way participants will join the live room via Channel or course Media Gallery.
  •  Learn how to adjust your devices and set up your environment.
  • Manage your Participants! Invite your participants and manage participant's permissions.
  • Learn how to invite participants via a link. 
  • Understand how to give specific permissions to your participants and how to set the room default permissions. 
  • Get ready! Set the room, upload files, and manage your playlist.
  • Understand the different room modes and use cases.
  • Learn how to prepare your files and upload them prior to the session.
  • Learn how to utilize the live room playlist.
  • Make your session interactive! Learn how to use the room tools.
  • Get an overview of the room’s interactive tools: YouTube, Whiteboard, Desktop Sharing, Video Library, and Recording.
  • Review the tool's capabilities, best practice, and tips.
  • Breakout your Session! 
  • Learn how to Breakout your session into smaller discussion groups
  • Make your participants engaged, initiate a quiz!
  • Learn how to create quizzes and review quizzes results.
  • Tips and tricks! More features, viewing options, and tips!
  • Review the browser focus feature to track your participant's attention. 
  • Learn how to change the room view.
  • Learn about notes, room different chats, and chat settings.
  • Kaltura meeting/virtual classroom for Admins
  • Newrow module- learn how to configure the  Newrow module for your KMS/KAF instance. 
  • Learn how to access and manage the Rooms Portal. 

Getting Help / Questions 

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