Is there a way to force the playlist player to use the highest quality 'flavor' by default?

08/20/2019Tal Binder
You will need to configure flashvars in the player. 1. Go to KMC, click  Studio , then  Universal Studio and then the  Plugins button  (Outlet icon).   2. Expand the  Ui Variables and click Add to add secon...

Is there a way of using the Kaltura player JavaScript API to set a captions url?

08/20/2019Tal Binder
Yes. To ingest captions via the API, please refer to https://developer.kaltura.com/api-docs/service/captionAsset/action/add .

How to remove the large play button from a player?

03/19/2020Jennifer Harris
Login to the KMC Go to Studio > Universal Studio Click on the desired player Go to Plugins > UI variables Add the following UI variable: Key: largePlayBtn.plugin | Value: false See http://prntscr.com/rdbuqs Save To locate the de...

How to Upgrade The Kaltura Player v2 Library Version?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
Updating Kaltura HTML5 Player V2 is an easy operation, and requires a few simple steps. To see the step by step process for the upgrade click here . ...

Does Kaltura allow the branding of the Kaltura Player?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
Players can be branded or skinned by changing the Player logo and colors, or even by creating completely new css themes. To change the logo on your Player see: Universal Studio Information Guide . To learn more about creating a custom theme, please...

What is the use of Auto-Preview check box in the Player Studio?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
When a player is edited in the Studio tab, the player will be rendered automatically every time you change the control. If the Auto-Preview is unchecked, the Preview Changes button will appear, allowing you to display the change of settings by click...

Is the Kaltura Player capable of identifying the JS events (cue-points)?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
Yes, it is possible by saving these events as cue-points metadata in Kaltura. This will allow the Player (across devices) to read the cue points and create all sorts of experiences like chapters. For example, see  the Chapters Player plugin . ...

How to remove the logo in the Kaltura player using additional params and plugins

08/20/2019Debbie Zioni
Add the following line: {syntaxhighlighter brush: java;fontsize: 100; first-line: 1; }kalturaLogo. visible=false&kalturaLogo.includeInLayout=false{/syntaxhighlighter}    

What are the advantages of the Universal Studio?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
The Universal Studio enables users to directly customize Kaltura Player Toolkit Players, also known as v2 Players. The Kaltura Player Toolkit uses a unified HTML, CSS and JavaScript runtime to drive all Players. This is a big improvement over the th...

Is the Kaltura Player 508 compliant?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
All Universal Studio Players are 508 compliant. The Player’s features include: Support for captions file in timed text or SRT formats for the video/audio file Support for an audio description in a standardized format for the video/audio fil...

How to enable the Closed Captions feature in the Player?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
To enable closed captions on the Player (so that the CC option will be available on the Player toolbar), you'll need to set the "Closed Captions" option in the Universal Studio "Look and Feel" tab. See the  Universal Stu...

How to upload captions to a Player?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
The same entry captions flow should be used to  add captions to a specific entry . Once added, you can use the "captions" plugin in the Universal Player Studio to activate the captions plugin. See the  Universal Player Studio Gui...

How do I set up a playlist for a Player in the Universal Studio

06/17/2020Tal Binder
To configure a playlist player, navigate to the "Playlist Setup" section under the "look and feel" tab of the Universal Studio.

How do I hide the fullscreen button?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
All player components can be enabled or disabled via their "plugin" property. To disable the fullscreen button, go to the plugins section and add a UIvar: fullScreenBtn.plugin with a value of false  . ...

How to edit a Player?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
All changes you make to an existing Player will propagate to all sites where the Player has been embedded, including syndicated Players on other sites. To edit a Player Select the Universal Studio tab. Click on the relevant Player in the Playe...

How to duplicate a Player?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
To duplicate a Player Select the Universal Studio tab. Click on the relevant Player in the Player List. Click Duplicate. The Player configuration Basic Configuration window is displayed and the Player is rendered as a Creating a Player in the...

How to delete Player?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
To delete a Player Select the Universal Studio tab. In the Actions column of the relevant Player, click Delete.  A Delete confirmation prompt is displayed. Confirm the deletion. To learn more refer to  Universal Studio Information Gu...

How to update the Player list in the Universal Studio?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
The Universal Studio tab displays the complete list of the Players defined in your account. This includes Players created with the Flash Studio. To edit any Player in the Universal sStudio the Player must be updated to the new Universal Studio Playe...

How to create a Player in Universal Studio?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
Each Player contains a collection of features of a specific Kaltura Player configuration. In addition to the Kaltura defined features, a Player can include a custom plugin configuration. To create a Player Select the Universal Studio tab. Clic...

How to modify the player custom styles?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
To modify custom styles Select the Universal Studio tab and select the Look and Feel icon. Check the box next to Custom Styles to enable this option. Modify the parameters. Click Preview changes to preview your modifications. Click Save Play...

How to modify the info screen?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
You can use to add information screen about the video. To modify the info screen Select the Universal Studio tab and select the Look and Feel icon. Check the box next to Info screen to enable this option. Modify the parameters. Click Prev...

How to use the share option?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
You can use the Share feature to add the Share interface to the Player. To set the share button Select the Universal Studio tab and select the Look and Feel icon. Check the box next to Share feature to enable this option. Select the paren...

If a portion of a video is viewed and then scrubbed all the way to the end, how is the bandwidth usage calculated?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
For example, if a user loads a video, watches 10 seconds of it, and then scrubs it all the way to the end, is the bandwidth charge/usage calculated as if they had played the video all the way through? When viewing a video the video is downloaded in...

How to download a Kaltura media entry?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
There are two methods by which the download button can be revealed for downloading a Kaltura video: 1. The media owner may enable the download button on the media page in the KMS and KAF applications. Find more details here:  https://kno...

How to download multi-stream media?

06/17/2020Tal Binder
“Multi-stream” entries, for example, a Kaltura Capture recording can be comprised of two separate, but related, entries: a parent and a child.  The Kaltura player support viewing the two videos in a single layout. This mechanism is ...

How to resize the player's aspect ratio to display captions properly?

08/20/2019Tal Binder
Go to the Studio tab in the KMC (Kaltura Managment Console) and select Universal Studio. Select the player you want to resize. In the Universal Studio, click the Basic Display tab. Select the Aspect Ratio to change the aspect ratio of the video ...

How to add the Attachment plugin?

01/18/2021Tal Binder
To add the Attachment plugin on the player 1. In the KMC, go to the Studio > Universal Studio and choose the desired player. 2. Go to the Plugins tab and select the "Import Plugin" button. 3. Under the"Plugin Configuration Strin...