Using Existing Players with Video Quiz

Using Existing Players with VQ 

If you choose to use an existing player ID (must be version 2.40 or later)  for the VQ (and not one that was automatically created after you enabled the Quiz module) make sure you also include the following plugins to the player you selected in the Player Studio:

  • For the playback player (found under Quiz module, in quizPlayerId field), add:
"quiz": {
      "plugin": true
  • For the quiz editor player (under Widgets module, in keaPlayerId field) it is advised to keep the default player but you can also do the following:

Make sure the player you use in the editor has the following configuration:

"customButton": {
    "plugin": true

and also

"largePlayBtn": {
 "plugin": false

 You can use your own existing player for only one of these options.  

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