Customizing the Kaltura Video Quiz Player Look and Feel

This article describes how to customize the Kaltura Video Quiz Player look and feel. 

The Kaltura Video Quiz text strings may be modified. The text may be translated to the same languages that are supported for KMS and KAF. See What are the supported KMC, KMS & KAF languages

The pre- created strings/plugins are uploaded and configured in the Kaltura Management Console in the Player Studio under the UI Variables.

Before you begin you will need some basic understanding of CSS files and access to the KMC and KMS/KAF.

How to Setup the CSS on the Kaltura Player 

For ease of use, the article  CSS File for Kaltura Video Quiz Customization of Default Strings contains the list of assets that you can modify and then copy and paste into your CSS file. 

After the CSS is modified, you will need to make it available online, and prepare a link to it.

Associating the CSS File with the Player

To associate the CSS File

  1. Login to the KMC and go to the Studio Tab.
  2. Select a quiz player from the Players List. Be certain to update your player to the latest version.
  3. In the Plugins section > UI Variables,  add the following key and value:

    Key = IframeCustomPluginCss1
    Value = your CSS url 

Accessing the quiz player ID in KMS and KAF

To find the right player ID of the quiz, go to the KMS/KAF administration page and search for “quizPlayerId” in the top left search bar.


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