List of Cookies Used in KMS and the Kaltura Player

The following table lists the cookies that are used in Kaltura MediaSpace and the Kaltura Player.

Cookie Name



User State (anonymous / logged-in)


KMS Session cookie - holds the session ID .




Enables a temporary preview of a feature by an admin.
Does not affect normal end users.

Only used by a KMS admin in the configuration screen for features that support a preview.

Set when logged-in as an admin, (affects even if you browse to the site as anonymous).


When KMS is configured to use multi-authentication, this cookie will hold the selected authentication adapter selected by the user.
This cookie may be temporary (2 minutes duration) and is used until the user completes the authentication flow, or the cookie value is retained for 1 year if the user checked a checkbox that says "Remember Selection".

Functional, only if using multi-authentication



Set when user action triggers an asynchronous job in the Kaltura backend. This cookie helps the application track and notify the user when the job is done.




Similar to the JobsInProcess cookie, but specifically for the job of syncing a user's group membership during login. This cookie contains the job ID

Functional, only if you are using the Ssogroupsync or Samlgroupsync modules.



Similar to the groupSyncing cookie, this cookie is created and used when the job fails, to notify the user accordingly.

Functional, only if you are using the Ssogroupsync or Samlgroupsync modules.



Holds information and progress while using the ldap wizard that helps customers find the correct LDAP configuration to be able to configure authentication properly.

Admin, only if using this feature. Most likely used once in customer lifetime.

Logged-in to admin


Enables/disables preview mode of Styling module . Enables the admin that uses the Styling module to design their KMS and view the changes before applying them to all end users.


Set when logged-in as ab admin, affects even if you browse to the site as anonymous.


Locale selection of the user.
In KMS - this cookie is generated when the user switches the language from the site header (the Language menu).
In KAF - this cookie is generated when you launch from the LMS/CMS and the launch includes locale information. Kaltura sets the cookie, so that this KAF session will stick to the same locale you came with from the external system.

Functional, only if you have multiple languages configured in KMS



Holds information about the entry that is used later to send a grade to the LMS (After  the quiz is submitted on the Kaltura side).
The cookie value does not hold any PII, it contains only 2 identifiers the LMS passed to us to know where to send the grade to for that specific entry and user.

Functional, only if you use quiz and allow grading in the LMS.



Set by XAPI module after a user logs in, so Kaltura knows that this event needs to be sent to the LRS. The cookie is then immediately cleared.
This cookie does not hold PII.

Functional, only if you use xapi



Accessibility - set when a user clicks the high-contrast button, and is used to save if the user wants the high-contrast enabled or not.

Functional, accessibility.



This cookie is set to remember that the user closed the smartbanner (the one that suggests to install/launch KMS Go).



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