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This article describes how to log into Kaltura MediaSpace. 

Logging in to MediaSpace depends on your MediaSpace configuration. When you receive the MediaSpace URL to login into, there may be two options:

  • The site displays a login window to login into MediaSpace.
  • The MediaSpace site homepage is displayed with pre-configured content.

The different login displays depend on whether your site is configured to allow anonymous users to access your portal. There are some pages in MediaSpace that are reserved for authenticated users.

Logging in as an Anonymous User

When your MediaSpace site is configured to allow anonymous users, a privacy banner may display asking you to allow creating cookies.

Please accept or decline the use of cookies and proceed with using the site.

To log into MediaSpace 
  1. On the MediaSpace home page, choose Login from the GUEST drop down menu.

You will also be prompted to login when choosing My Media, My Playlists, My History, or My Channels from the GUEST drop down menu, when selecting Restricted Channels/Galleries or a Direct Link – Depends on your admin’s configuration and the resource you are trying to access.

2. In the Login window, enter your username and password.
The Kaltura MediaSpace Sign In window displays.

3. Type your User ID and Password in the appropriate fields. If you forgot your password, click Forgot Password. This redirects you to your email application where by you can request help.

4. Click Sign In. 

If your administrator configured your site to allow multiple authentication providers, the login prompt will display with several choices for you to login. If you are uncertain which option to use, use the tooltip for guidance. 

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