Kaltura Interactive Video Paths Analytics

Kaltura Interactive Video Paths' Analytics are accessed through the Kaltura Management Console. The Interactive Videos Paths' Analytics dashboard can be used to explore analytics in different time periods and even compare between different periods. To learn more see Working with the Interactive Video Paths Analytics Dashboard.

To access the analytics dashboard for Interactive Video Paths

  1. Login to the Kaltura Management Console and select the Playlists tab.
  2. Click on the playlist that you would like to see the analytics for and then click View Analytics.

    The Interactive Video Paths Analytics Dashboard is displayed.


The top panel of the Interactive Video Paths Analytics dashboard provides an overview with highlights and insights on the activity in your account.

  • Player Impressions 
  • Number of plays - Number of times users clicked play to watch a video
  • Number of unique viewers - number of authenticated viewers, all anonymous viewers will be counted as a single viewer
  • Number of minutes viewed - Total duration of video watched by viewers

Video Performance Metrics Over Time

To explore performance trends for Interactive Video Paths over time, use the graph to review key metrics: 

You can view the data for each metric in daily or monthly granularity. Hover over any point in the graph to see the detailed data. To change the time period or filter the data, use the date picker and filter panel at the top of the dashboard. You can also compare data from different time periods. For more information, see Working with the Interactive Video Paths Analytics Dashboard

You can click on View Details to see a detailed table of all metrics available over time.

Videos Overview

The Videos Overview section displays the content that is associated with the Interactive Video Path (or Video Nodes):

  • Name 
  • Plays
  • Unique authenticated Views

Video Node Performance

To explore performance trends for hotspots per each video node you can click on each of the videos in the Video Overview section.

A new page displays the overall video performance (upper part of the page), and a list of hotspots for the selected video. 

The hotspots list includes:

  • Hotspot name (as specified in the Interactive Video Paths editor)
  • Hotspot destination (internal to another video node or external)
  • Number of clicks
  • Node level- The level of hierarchy in the overall interactive video
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