Kaltura Interactive Video Paths Administrator's Guide

This guide is intended for KMS and KAF administrators that want to enable creating Interactive Video Paths for their users.

Activating the Kaltura Interactive Video Paths Feature in Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS/KAF) 

Kaltura Interactive Video Paths is managed by KMS/KAF system administrators in the Admin area accessed from <Base_URL>/admin (e.g. https://videos.mediaspace.kaltura.com/admin)

The Raptmedia module is used to configure the Kaltura Interactive Video Paths Feature.

To enable and configure the Kaltura Raptmedia module

Configure Kaltura Interactive Video Paths (Raptmedia Module) in KMS/KAF 

To enable the Raptmedia module in KMS/KAF
  1. Login to the application Configuration Management window.
  2. Scroll down and select the Raptmedia module in the Modules/Custom/core section.

    The Raptmedia Administration page is displayed.
  3. In the Enabled field, select Yes to enable the Raptmedia module.
  4. Select or enter values for the relevant fields and click Save.

Enable the Raptmedia module.
hostReadonly. Always set to app.raptmedia.com.
accountIdKeep empty
newComposerEnable to use the new Kaltura-only composer.
allowedRoleWho can create Interactive Videos? If a role is selected, any higher role will also be able to create Interactive Videos.
playerIdKMS/KAF will automatically set the id of the player that will be used to play Interactive Video Path media.

Authoring Seats

The maximum number of authors allowed to use the Kaltura Interactive Video Paths Media plug-in is determined by the number of seats sold and provisioned on the Kaltura Interactive Video Paths Media platform, whether users are allocated by role or on a user-by-user basis.

Provisioning Users

To set permissions (allowed roles)

  1. In the allowedRole field, select a user role that will have permissions to create Interactive Videos.
  2. Only roles  that are available on your KMS/KAF instance may be added. You can use the auto-complete function (from 3rd letter and on).  
To set permissions for a Specific User/Group
  1. In the allowedRole field, select Specific Users from the drop down menu.
  2. Click Add allowedUsers and then click Select Users/Groups.

  3. Enter the User ID or user name and click Submit.
    The specified users will have access to Kaltura Interactive Video Paths Media in Kaltura MediaSpace™ or in your KAF application.

Logging In

For provisioned users, logging in to Kaltura MediaSpace™ or KAF applications provides access to the Kaltura Interactive Video Paths Media editor. No additional logins or credentials are required.

Verify that you have Activated the Interactive Videos Feature

To verify that selected users can create/edit interactive videos

  • Login to KMS or your KAF application.
    Interactive Videos should display in the User Login drop down menu.

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