Paywall User Guide

This guide is intended for End Users who want to buy channels, purchase assets, or login to a previously purchased channel.

To buy a channel and purchase assets

  1. Navigate to your MediaSpace portal.
  2. Click on the tab where the assets are embedded. In the example below, the tab is named "Buy Channels".
    The available asset(s) display.

  3. Click on the asset you wish to purchase. The paywall displays.
  4. Click SIGN UP, type the required registration information, click the check box to agree to the Terms, and click REGISTER. Choose Your Price screen displays.
  5. Click the check box next to one of the available price options for that asset and click NEXT. The Final Payment screen displays.
    Please note that if only one price option is available for the asset, instead of the Choose Your Price screen displaying, you are immediately forwarded to the Final Payment screen.
  6. Enter your credit card or PayPal information and click PAY.
    A message displays thanking you for your purchase and providing additional options.
    Click BUY MORE CHANNELS to remain in the InPlayer app and purchase more channels.
    Click GO TO PURCHASED CHANNELS to be redirected to MediaSpace. If a referrer URL is collected when the user arrives on the InPlayer page, the user is redirected back to that URL (i.e., a specific channel), otherwise, the user is returned to the MediaSpace home page. 

To login to a previously purchased channel

  1. Navigate to the tab where you have embedded your assets, click on the asset you purchased, and click LOGIN.
  2. Type your email and password, then click LOG IN. You are forwarded to your list of purchased channels.
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