How to Edit a Transcoding Profile?

To edit a Transcoding Profile

  1. Select the Settings tab and then select Transcoding Settings.
    The Default Transcoding Flavors window is displayed showing the flavors you selected for the Default Transcoding profile.

    Default trnascoding flavors

  2. On the lower left corner, click on Switch to Advanced Mode.

    Advanced Mode
    The Transcoding Profiles window is displayed.
    Transcoding Settings

  3. Click on a Transcoding Profile (Name) to edit or click Delete to remove a transcoding profile.
  4. Use the checkbox to select flavors to add or remove.
  5. Enter the Default Metadata Settings Entry ID (Optional). This feature is useful if you want to set default metadata settings such as tags/categories to files you ingest. See XREF
  6. If your account is used and configured to ingest content from Remote Storage- select the remote storage name from the menu (Optional).
  7. Click Save Changes.
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