Creating and Configuring Playlists

The Playlists Tab

There are two types of playlists available in the KMC:

  • Manual
  • Rule-Based

Manual playlists allow you to select a static list of items, while Rule-based playlists are dynamic and automatically updated based on what's currently available in your media library and what rules define the playlist. 

After you've created your playlist, you can assign your playlist to a player in the Universal studio. See the Universal Studio Guide for more information.

A manual playlist can have a maximum of 150 entries. A rule-based playlist may have a maximum of 50 entries, however, when the playlist is used in a syndication feed the limitation is 10,000 entries.

Creating a Manual Playlist

For a manual playlist, you select a group of videos manually to be played in the desired order. The order in which videos are played can be changed in manual playlists at any time, by using the up-down arrows to set the video to the desired location within the playlist.

To create/add a manual playlist
  1. Select the Content tab and then select the Playlists tab.
  2. Select Add Playlist.
  3. The Add New Playlist screen opens. Select the playlist type (manual) and enter an informative Name for your playlist and click Next.

    The New playlist <Name> screen is displayed.
  4. Click Add Entry.
  5. Add at least one media item to your playlist.
  6. Continue adding media to the playlist. Use the Filters to search for entries you want to include. See Refining Options for Playlists.
    Add entries to your playlist by clicking the Plus from the Entries Table.
  7. Click Add (n) to complete the process.
    The Playlist Tab is displayed with the new playlist and a list of the entries included.
  8. Edit the Order of your entries. Select an option from the Actions (3 dots) menu.
  9. Click Save.

Creating a Rule Based Playlist

A rule-based playlist is a dynamic playlist that is automatically updated when content is uploaded or edited. To create a rule-based playlist, you create a rule that selects the videos to include in the playlist. The rules may be based on the tags assigned to the videos, or you can create rules for ordering the videos and for the maximum number of videos to include. For example, you can create a “Most Viewed” playlist, a “Most Recent” playlist, as well as a playlist based on single or multiple filters, such as “videos tagged with “dogs” and created during January 2010”.

As you upload videos that match the rule, they are automatically added to the playlist.

Defining a Rule

You can define a rule that will result in your playlist content. You can use any number of filters: you can define a list of clips that all have the same tag (for example, if you enter the term "dog" into the search box and click search, a new rule-based playlist is created for all the clips that have the "dog" tag). This list will dynamically change each time a clip is added or deleted to/from your account.

For example, you can define a rule-based playlist that consists of all the 0-4-minute video clips that were created in the past week. You can order it by Most Played (overall, last week or last 24 hours) or Most Recent (for example, most recently added to the KMC).

On the bottom of the playlist you can see the number of entries in the playlist and their total length. You can automatically limit the number of entries that are included in the playlist by adjusting the counter positioned to the right of the "Order by" drop-down menu.

Your playlist can be based on a single rule or multiple rules. If you want to apply more than one rule to your playlist, click the "Switch to Advanced Mode" link at the bottom of the window. Note that this will clear all previous information that you have saved in your playlist.

To create/add a single rule playlist
  1. Select the Content tab and then select the Playlists tab.
  2. Select Add Playlist.
  3. Select the playlist type (Rule-Based) and enter an informative Name for your playlist and click Next.
  4. Click Add Rule.

  5. Enter the Rule Name and use the Filters to search for the entries you would like to include.
    The results are displayed in the Entries Table.

    You can choose more than one type of filter (for instance, text search + date + media type), the logical relationship between fields will be an "AND" relationship.  See Refining Options for Playlists.
    Select your preferred video order from the Order By drop-down menu.
    The following options are available:
  • Most Played
  • Most Recent
  • Highest Rated
  • Entry Name
  • Define the order of the entries in the rule.
  • (Optional) Select the total number of entries you would like to include in the playlist via the Results Limit result box.  In the example provided the Results Llimit was set to 5.
  • Click Add to complete the process.
  • In addition to filtering entries for Rule-based playlists, you can edit the rule by selecting edit or reorder the rule by selecting Move from the Actions (3 dots) menu.
  • Click Save.
To edit a rule in a playlist
  1. Select the Content tab and then select the Playlists tab.
  2. Select the playlist and select the Content Tab.
  3. Check the rule you want to edit and select Edit from the Actions (3 dots) menu.
  4. Modify the Rule Settings and click Save. For example, you can change how many results you want to have in this playlist. In this example, the Results Limit was set to 48.
  5. Click Save.

Multiple Rules Based Playlist

Continue to create new rules for playlists based on multiple rules.

  1. Create rules for your playlists. Click Add Rule.
  2. Edit the rules. Select an option from the Actions (3 dots) menu.
  3. Click Save.

Rules are applied to the playlist in the order they appear.

Playlist Actions

Other actions that you may apply to playlists include:

Deleting a Playlist

To delete a playlist
  1. Go to the Content tab and then select the Playlists tab.
  2. Select the playlist and click Delete from the Action menu (3 dots) drop-down menu.

Removing Videos from a Playlist

To remove videos from a manual playlist
  1. Go to the Content tab and then select the Playlists tab
  2. Select the playlist.
  3. Select one or more videos from the Playlist Entries and select Remove from Playlist from the Actions (3 dots) drop-down menu.

Removing a video from a playlist does not delete it from your content library.
You cannot remove a video from a rules-based playlist directly. Instead, you can:

  • Modify the tags of the video so that the video no longer has any of the rules-based playlist's tags.
  • Modify the tags of the playlist so that they no longer include any of the video's tags.
  • Delete the video.

Adding/Editing Metadata to a Playlist

To add/edit metadata to a playlist
  1. Go to the Content tab and then select the Playlists tab
  2. Select the playlist.
  3. Select the Metadata tab.
  4. Add or modify the metadata and click Save.

Customizing Additional Features for Playlists

When creating a player, you will see additional configuration options under the Playlist Items section. Various types of information for each of the playlist items, such as number of plays, tags, rank etc. are displayed.

Use the options in the Universal Studio to customize the player's design.

Playlist Table Actions

The following actions are available for each playlist:

  • Share and Embed
  • View Details
  • Delete
To share and embed a playlist
  1. Open the Content menu and select the Playlists Tab.
  2. Select Share and Embed from the Actions (3 dots) drown menu. See Share and Embed on how to share your media.

Applying Bulk Actions to Playlists

You may delete multiple playlists from the Playlist table.

To delete multiple playlists
  1. Check the playlists you want to delete.
  2. Click the Trash icon.
    A warning message is displayed.
  3. Click Yes to confirm.
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