Configuring Live Streaming on a KMC Account Using a BitGravity Account

Currently, live streaming provisioning using your BitGravity account can be done upon request and with the BitGravity CDN support team’s assistance that will be provisioning live feeds. Each live feed represents a single bit rate live stream:

After live feeds are provisioned you can manage them (edit some of the settings), playback and publish URLs:

For example, for the live feed /kaltura/live/cdg/live01 the playback URLs will be as following:

Creating a DVR Enabled Live Streaming Entry Using the APIs

The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) feature provides the ability to seek within the recorded video up to 24 hours prior to your existing point of the live stream. DVR controls allow you to scrub back in time, while the live stream is still in progress, to replay a highlight or check out a clip that may have missed.


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