What live streaming types are available in the KMC

The following Live Stream types are available:

  • Kaltura Live Streaming (HDS / HLS / DASH) - Default - Kaltura live streaming services are provisioned within the Kaltura data center. Supports cloud transcoding, extended DVR window, live to VOD archiving with a single embed code, instant provisioning, and multi protocol delivery.  Depending on your live streaming package simultaneous cloud transcodes will be restricted.
  • Universal Streaming, Web and Mobile (HLS) - Supports HLS (Apple HTTP Live Streaming) from a single ingested stream. Akamai universal live streaming also supports DVR functionality that allows you to seek back in time within the live stream window. The default DVR window is 30 minutes. Contact Kaltura for more information.
  • Manual Live Stream URLs - Allows you to associate custom live end user URLs with a Kaltura entry. This option is useful if you are using a 3rd party to provision and broadcast a live stream.

Kaltura recommends Kaltura Live Streaming. Akamai Universal Streaming was previously the default, and does not include all the same features as Kaltura Live Streaming. Both Universal and Kaltura Live streaming      

To configure live streaming in the KMC see the articles about Live Streaming Using Kaltura Live Streaming.


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