Live Streaming FAQ

What are the differences between Kaltura's live solutions?

05/11/2020Tal Binder
Kaltura offers a wide range of live and Real-Time Communication solutions, each is designed to meet the needs of a different live streaming demand, giving you the flexibility to choose the best solution for you and your organization. For more inform...

Why when enabling recording and live streaming, the stream grows into a really long stream ( instead of creating lots of clips )?

09/01/2020Debbie Zioni
A break in broadcast could mean your network or encoder is going or has gone down. Kaltura supports appending content to the same logical entry for that event, with the assumption that you will want all content broadcasted to a particular named even...

What protocols does live streaming support?

09/01/2020Debbie Zioni
By default the live streaming profile streams using HLS. Custom delivery profiles can include MPEG- DASH and Smooth Streaming delivery. Additionally multicast protocols can be used in internal delivery contexts.

How do I customize the live streaming transcode profile?

09/01/2020Debbie Zioni
Please open a Kaltura customer care support ticket with the customizations your requesting. We will then add these custom flavors to your account and build the custom profile. The custom profile can then be selected as you provision live stream ...

What encoder does Kaltura recommend for Live?

09/01/2020Debbie Zioni
In general any RTMP compatible encoder should work with the Kaltura live platform. See this article here that outlines compatible encoders.

Kaltura Live+ Latency FAQs KMC

08/20/2019Debbie Zioni
What is Live Latency? Live latency is considered to be the delay between the time when the camera captures video and the time when the video is displayed on the player. The overall latency is affected by several elements along the way: Local e...

BitGravity Live Streaming

08/20/2019Debbie Zioni
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How to configure VOD and Live Streaming using a BitGravity account on the Kaltura SaaS Platform?

08/20/2019Gilat Tzitrinovich
Ensure that the following features/options are configured in the account on the Kaltura Admin Console: Configure the account to support Live Streaming. Configure the account as a sub account of TCL main account, so that TCL can control the new ac...

Configuring Live Streaming on a KMC Account Using a BitGravity Account

08/20/2019Gilat Tzitrinovich
Currently, live streaming provisioning using your BitGravity account can be done upon request and with the BitGravity CDN support team’s assistance that will be provisioning live feeds. Each live feed represents a single bit rate live stream: ...