Channel Moderation Versus Account Moderation

Channel Moderation and Account Moderation are two unique concepts and it is important for users and admin to understand the differences between the two. 

Channel Moderation - Videos that are uploaded to a moderated channel will not be seen in the channel. They can be played in other channels or can be shared using the collaboration feature.
If channel moderation is enforced, Channel Moderators and Channel Managers bypass the channel moderation flow. If any other channel member uploads content, it must be approved by a Channel Moderator or owner before it appears in the specific category. 

This is true for any KMS category and KAF media gallery.  

Account Moderation -  If global moderation is enforced, all content that is uploaded must be approved in KMC before it can be played anywhere.
The application's unmoderated role is relevant for account moderation; if you use the unmoderated role to upload content to KMS, that content will not go through the KMC moderation flow.
Unmoderated role on an account not enforced with global moderation is equivalent to an admin role. 

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