Annoto Administrator Guide

Enabling Annoto

To configure the Annoto module, a MediaSpace administrator should login to the MediaSpace admin page (<MediaSpace site Url>/admin) and navigate to the Annoto module.

If the Annoto Module is not available, please contact your Kaltura representative to add the module to your Mediaspace instance.

Configuring the Annoto Module.

For more information on the configuration fields see the Annoto Module

Activate/Deactivate Pemissions Based on Users/Groups

To Authorize only specific users or groups to activate/deactivate Annoto

  1. Choose “Specific Users” in the activationEditAllowedRoles drop-down, and follow the following steps:
  2. After “Specific Users” is chosen a submenu is available for adding authorized users and/or groups.
  3. Click on “activationEditAllowedUsers” to add Users/Groups.
  4. Click on the “Select Users/Groups” to add Users/Groups to the list.

  5. Enter the user or group (when you start typing, autocomplete displays suggestions related to what you entered).

For example, here we can see is currently the only one that can activate/deactivate Annoto, All other users will not have the option to Activate/Deactivate Annoto in Courses/Categories/Channels/Videos.

We suggest creating a Kaltura Users Group named for example “annoto_admins” and adding only this group to activationEditAllowedUsers list. For more information on groups see the article on Managing Groups from the MediaSpace or KAF Admin Console.

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