To add a user as co-editor, co-publisher, or webcast moderator, the user must log in to KMS/KAF prior to using this feature.

Enable this module to change the media owner and edit collaborators. (co-editors, co-publishers, Webcasting moderators)




Enable MediaCollaboration module.


This field is available when the MediaCollaboration Module is enabled. The change owner feature has a special configuration for the Co-editor/Co-publisher or Webcasting Moderator and can be set to enable or disable the Co-editor, Co-publisher, or Webcasting Moderator without any dependencies.


Allow groups support in ‘MediaCollaboration’ features.


Enable the option to add collaborators (co-editors, co-publishers, Webcasting moderators) in the upload media form.

If the configuration is set to 'No' after it was set to 'Yes', and in the interim, entries were added with co-editors, co-publishers or Webcasting moderators, all co-editors, co-publishers, and Webcasting moderators will lose their ability to view, edit or publish those entries or moderate the Webcasting event.

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