What is XML bulk upload?

XML Bulk Upload supports full CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations, allowing for ingestion of entries, updates to existing entries, and deletion of bulk entries using an XML format. XML Bulk Upload is the recommended bulk upload option.

In addition, XML supports a hierarchical structure while CSV does not. You can define a complete content package using the XML Bulk Upload feature that includes the video source file, its metadata, its custom metadata profiles, distribution profiles, set of transcoding flavors ( for cases when you are using your own transcoders), thumbnails and other additional relevant data.

The advantages of using XML Bulk Upload are:

  • Simplified integration with other systems (for example, migrating media files including their complete metadata from one server to another).
  • A streamlined ingestion mechanism, by using XML it is easy to create automated processes to ingest content.
  • More comprehensive ingestion models that allow you to manipulate all of the media entry object attributes and their related objects (such as flavors, custom metadata, access control and distribution profiles, etc.).

The full sets of features supported by the XML Bulk Upload are described in the XSD (the XML template).

An example XML file can be found here (or downloaded from the KMC Upload menu).

The bulk upload status is monitored through the bulk upload log under the Uploads control tab, see the Bulk Upload Log Page. A log file and a copy of the CSV file are made available for troubleshooting or for historical records of uploaded content. 

Whether you are a medium sized video publisher or if you're a media giant, you should consider the Bulk Upload option.

It is required that you batch the jobs for any bulk action. For any bulk actions that will create / edit / delete more than 5,000 entries or users, including Categories bulk uploads, please submit as batches of 500. If you are using the API, please batch as 500, sleep for 15 minutes, then submit the next batch of 500.

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