Media Upload


Kaltura High-Speed Upload User Guide
Kaltura’s High-Speed Upload option is targeted at content administrators (KMC users) that upload media to their KMC account. The High-Speed Upload option is particularly useful for content administrators uploading large source files or ...
Uploading and Ingestion
What is a Kaltura Entry? Browser-based Ingestion Creating an Entry Upload Media Upload from Desktop Need High Speed Upload What is Bulk Upload? CSV Bulk Upload Entries XML Bulk Upload Uploading Entries in Bulk The Bulk Upload Log Page Downloading Bulk File Samples What is a Drop Folder? Automated Content Ingestion via a Drop Folder Drop Folder Table Drop Folder Statuses The Upload Monitor Create a Live Stream Entry Kaltura Live Streaming (HDS / HLS / DASH) Universal Streaming (HDS/HDLS) Manual Live Stream URLs Prepare Entry Prepare Video Entry Preparing a Draft Entry Workflow: Prepare Audio Entry Preparing a Draft Entry Workflow: Creating Draft Entries Key Benefits and Functionality of Draft Entries Hosting Videos at your Preferred Location and Linking to Kaltura Replacing Video Assets for a Kaltura Entry Uploading and Modifying Related Files