What is the file size limit for uploading video files to Kaltura on Desktop or Mobile?

There is no limit to the size of media files you can ingest/upload to Kaltura. Kaltura also provides multiple APIs and tools to ingest content into Kaltura, including web upload libraries and widgets, Drop Folders, Aspera FASP workflows, Bulk Ingest XML and CSV formats, and robust APIs for importing content via secure SSH connections, and download URLs.

If you are building a web upload flow to support uploading of large files over Desktop and Mobile web, please use the Kaltura jQuery Chunked Uploader Library.
A code sample which does the same using Java is available here: https://github.com/kaltura/kaltura-chunked-upload-test

For more information about other methods of content ingestion, please refer to the following: Kaltura Drop Folders Service For Content Ingestion, Kaltura High Speed Upload User GuideWhat is Bulk Upload or Uploading Media using the Kaltura API Console.

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