User Management

The Users tab is used to add or modify user information.

To add or modify user information
  • In the KMS/KAF Admin window select the Manage Users tab.
Add New UserAdd a new MediaSpace user. Define the following fields:
  • User ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Password
  • Role
  • (Optional) Email 
  • (Optional) Extra Data (Additional data about the user)
Delete CheckedDelete all selected users.
Note: Exercise caution when you perform this action. 
Submit CSVImport a CSV file to add multiple new users. Note that only "End Users CSV" can be submitted. 

"End Users Entitlements CSV", "Categories CSV" or "Entries CSV" must be submitted via the KMC.

After you submit the CSV you can track the progress of your import from Kaltura Management Console (KMC). 

In KMC go to Content and click Upload Control. After the import is processed, refresh this page to view users and edit their properties.

Download CSVDownload a CSV file with the Users' information.

Editing Actions

Edit UserEdit the user fields defined when you added the selected user.
Login AsSelect to login as any user.  This action allows for better and faster support and investigations and is also beneficial for testing new features and preparing for new releases.
For KAF applications, this feature is not the same as using the LMS's impersonation tool inside a course. Instead this feature allows you to reach the user's My-media section.
Show GroupsSelect to see the groups an individual user belongs to.
Clear CacheSelect to clear the cache for the user.
BlockSelect to block a specific user.  This action enables you to block a user without  deleting them from the site. A notice is displayed. You may unblock the user at any time.
DeleteDelete the selected user.

Displaying the Number of Users in the User Management Window

The total count of users is displayed in the application,

Displaying Additional Data

Toggle the “extra data” column to “user's registration” column using the extraUserInfoRow field in the Application module. Both columns present a different field from the user's object to the admin. (VIRTC-1668)

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