Authentication Is Managed in an Organizational System, Authorization Is Managed in Kaltura

When does this scenario apply?

You can use Kaltura as your MediaSpace access and role authorization provider when:

  • You have a small- to large-scale MediaSpace deployment. You want all users to log into MediaSpace with their organizational credentials and to be authenticated by your centralized authentication system.
  • Authorization for users to access MediaSpace and MediaSpace Application Roles is independent of their membership in organizational units or groups. For example, users who will be granted MediaSpace access do not belong to a specific organizational unit or group.
  • You are not able to provide access to your group management system from the MediaSpace application for setting group-based role authorization. You want to set users' application roles before their first login to MediaSpace.

Who can access MediaSpace?

Only users who are authenticated by your systems and have MediaSpace user accounts pre‑provisioned in Kaltura (the user account includes MediaSpace Application Roles) can access MediaSpace. Users who are not authenticated by your systems are denied access to MediaSpace, even if they are have a user account and a MediaSpace Application Role in Kaltura. These unauthenticated users will not be able to log in.

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