Understanding Galleries and Channels in Kaltura MediaSpace

You can access MediaSpace media collections through Galleries and Channels.

Galleries define the taxonomy and hierarchical structure of your Kaltura MediaSpace site (KMS). You can access galleries through the MediaSpace navigation header and browse the content contained in it. Each gallery can open up the list of sub-galleries that are pre-configured by the MediaSpace administrator.

A channel is a user generated collection of content that pertains to a subset of users (or all authenticated users). Channel managers and site administrators may give users permission to perform specific actions in a channel. You can access your channels from the My Channels selection in the User menu.

To learn how to use channels, see My Channels and Managing a Channel in Kaltura MediaSpace. The MediaSpace channel page that is public displays the information you have decided to share with the public from your account,

The following table lists some of the differences between galleries and channels.


What are they?

  • A category in the KMC
  • Centrally curated hierarchical structure that defines the taxonomy of the site
  • A category in the KMC
  • User generated collections that are personally managed

Who can create?

  • KMC users only
  • KMC users 
  • KMS user - configurable according to role
How do they show?
  • Navigation menu


  • KMS Header 
  • My Channels
  • All Channels
  • Inside a gallery


  • Entitlements
  • Moderation
  • Group Offline Sync
  • Import/Inherit members from parent
  • Entitlements
  • Moderation
  • Subscription
  • Channel Playlists
  • Channel import capabilities

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