The Styling Module allows you to customize the look and feel of your site. The new style can be created from the linked page, and previewed and shared with other admins before applying the changes to the site.
Use the link provided in the Description field to access the new Styling Page.
You can preview and share the new settings with other admins before applying the changes to the site.




Enable the Styling Module.


Select +Add"fonts" These fonts will be available in custom CSS and in the Font selectbox on the styling page


Font family name that will be used in CSS and will be appended to the Font select box on the styling page.


Font families and font types which should be used as a fallback when desired font family is not ready or doesn't exist (comma-separated list, like in CSS specifications).

Specifying generic font type (like serif or monospace) is mandatory.

Example: 'Helvetica Neue',Arial,sans-serif


Font assets source type:

  • System font - use world-wide supported font by name

  • Import from URL - use external font service (like Google Fonts)

  • Upload files - upload your own font asset files


Click Reset to clear. This field indicates whether a style created in this module is applied on KMS or not.

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