SMTP and Kaltura Pitch Integration

To open a Kaltura Pitch account please contact your Kaltura representative.

SMTP Integration

For SMTP integration with Kaltura Pitch, please provide the following details: 

  • SMTP Host
  • Security protocol (SSL/TLS)
  • Port
  • Is authentication required by the SMTP server? If so, which User name and password should be used to authenticate?
  • A default email address Video Messages should be sent from when forwarding. (for example, This email address should have the permissions to send on behalf of users who intend to use Pitch.
  • Any other authorization or whitelisting required by your IT to align with customer security policies.  

SMTP Integration Details

The Kaltura Backend will be connecting to client’s email server via the SMTP protocol to send emails on behalf of the users who intend to use Pitch.

  • The email server will be connected via SSL or TLS with a username and password.
  • The SMTP user should allow sending on behalf of the users who will use the application (it should accept the MAIL FROM command).
  • End-user credentials are not used and not required by the application.
  • Each sent email will have a single receipt email address (single RCPT TO command). The application allows to send messages to a maximum number of 20 recipients and 20 BCC recipients. The email server will be called once per recipient, making a maximum number of 40 sequential calls.
  • Reply-To header might be set in some cases.
  • The sent email might consist of 2 content parts: text/html & text/plain. Most emails are HTML based.
  • The email body will include one or more images (loaded via image tag and a URL) and HTML links.
  • No attachments are added to the email.
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