Kaltura Video Quiz Blackboard Gradebook Integration Deployment Guide

This guide describes how to deploy the Interactive Video Quiz Blackboard Gradebook Integration.

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This guide is for Blackboard and Kaltura administrators that intend to integrate the Kaltura Video Quiz (VQ)  feature with the Blackboard Gradebook.


  • Blackboard supported version: Q4 2016, Q2 2016, Q4 2015
  • Kaltura Building Block 5.0.58
  • Kaltura Video Package for Blackboard should be installed on your Blackboard environment

Kaltura Video Quiz Blackboard Gradebook Integration Deployment Instructions

The new extension comes with the Gradebook feature built-in.

To deploy the  Video Quiz Blackboard Gradebook Integration

For Kaltura Admins:

  1. In your KAF admin, go to the module "Ltigrading".
  2. Enable the module and then click Save.

For Blackboard Admins:

  • In System Admin ->Tools, enable the Kaltura Video Quiz Tool.
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