The SharedRepositories module allows any member to not only browse the media that is published in the shared repository, but also use the media to publish to other channels and/or categories. The shared repository allows education institutions and enterprises to create a shared media location for media that anyone with access to it has publishing rights to other areas in MediaSpace.

Metadata is composed of the following:

  • customDataProfileId
  • nested filters

At least one of these must be defined for the Advanced Search form to display in your MediaSpace instance.
customDataProfileId (schema)  - Create a metadata schema, and select it in the KMS admin sharedRepositories module.

The customDataProfileId selected in the sharedRepositories module MUST be different than the profileId selected in Customdata module.

nested filters - Select "yes" in the  nestedFilters field, to enable the nested filters appearance in KMS and to create the nestedFilters category (if needed).

Nested filters should be created in the KMC. In the KMC Categories tab site > nestedFilters category, add nested categories (up to 2 levels) which will be used as labels on the entry. For example, Create nestedFilters>Science category and nested to it create nestedFilters>Science>Physics and  nestedFilters>Science>Biology. This allows you to tag your entry with the relevant labels. 

Currently, searching for nested filters is only available via the Shared Repository Advanced Search.




Enable shared repositories.


Amount of shared repositories to show in the drop down (when adding media from shared repository).


Enable Terms of Use


Enable nested filters. Configure them as nested categories under root>site category in the KMC.


Choose custom metadata schema for media in  the shared repository. All custom data schemas can be viewed in KMC > Settings > Custom Data 


Which custom metadata fields are required before publishing media to a shared repository? Use custom data system names from KMC > Settings > Custom Data 


What is the format of the date for the date picker (of the shared repository custom data)?

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