How to Use Nested Filters

Overview of the Nested Filters Feature

A shared repository is a special type of channel used in Kaltura Mediaspace (KMS) and selected Kaltura Application Framework (KAF) applications. Nested filters provide a more efficient/robust way to search within a shared repository. Members of a shared repository can contribute content to a shared repository they are a member of, based on permission level, and re-use content that was contributed to the shared repository by other members. Members of the shared repository can use nested filters to simplify the search process in the selected shared repository,  by filtering media according to predefined search filters.

How to add content to a Shared Repository

When adding content to any gallery/channel (shared repository), a user by default, can add content from their My Media list.

If a user is a member of one or more shared repositories, they can add a content item from a shared repository they are a member of, to a selected channel/gallery. The selected item may be their own content or content that was contributed to the shared repository by someone else. See Shared Repository.

Where and how to create Nested Filters? (KMS and KAF admins)

  1. In the KMS or KAF admin console, select the SharedRepositories Module.
  2. Select "Yes" in the KMS admin nestedFilters field, to enable the nested filters search in KMS/KAF application and to create the nestedFilters category in the KMC.

    Only after the nestedFilters field is enabled in the SharedRepositories module, the Nested Filters node is created under the Site category in the KMC. 

    For new instances on new partners - the Nested Filters node is already created when KMS gets created.

  3. Create the nested filters as if you were adding categories in the KMC. See How to add or edit a category in the KMC.
  4. After the Nested Filters are created in the KMC, you must set the nested filters metadata (in the Edit entry page) on the entry to contribute the entry to the shared repository.  See Adding Metadata to a Category. The list of nested filters is taken from the nested filters defined in the KMC category tree.
  5. In Kaltura MediaSpace, select a media item and click Edit.
  6. In the Edit Entry window click on" Click to add required metadata for shared repository."
    1. Fill in the relevant fields
    2. Assign the media to one or more filters and click Save.
    3. Add the media item to the shared repository as in adding media to a channel. The media is now in the shared repository and can be shared by allowed members.

To search for an item in a shared repository (for a user that is a member of a shared repository) and add it to a channel

  1. Login to Mediaspace and select a channel.
  2. Click Add to Channel.
    add to channel
  3. Select a shared repository.
  4. The The content of the selected shared repository is displayed and items can be selected with the check box.
  5. Use the search box with a keyword for a regular search or user the Filters:
      to use the "nested filters" see the "Categories" filter to select the relevant category content to display.

  6. Select the item/s with the check box and click Publish to add the item/s to the channel.



  • In KAF BSE end-points the nested filters are also accessed and displayed through the filters. 
  • In the KMC, the nestedFilters Category will look this way:
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