Email Notifications

Note: The “Event Notifications” partner feature must be enabled for the email notifications and channel subscriptions feature to work. If your partner does not have these features enabled, contact your account manager or project manager for additional information.

The following table describes the different events that can be configured through the Emailnotifications module:

Event NameCategoryWhen is it Triggered?Who will receive the notification?
New Item Pending ModerationMediaSpace ModerationWhen a new media is added to a moderated channelChannel moderators
Entry Approved In CategoryMediaSpace ModerationWhen the media is approved to appear in the channelMedia owner
Entry Rejected In CategoryMediaSpace ModerationWhen a submitted media is rejectedMedia owner
Entry RejectedKMC ModerationWhen the uploaded media was rejected by the KMC administratorMedia owner
Entry ApprovedKMC ModerationWhen a media is approved to be used in the partner accountMedia owner
Entry ReadyMedia EncodingWhen the encoding of the media is completeMedia owner
User was added to category as [role]Members ManagementWhen the user is added to a channelUser
User's role was changed in categoryMembers ManagementWhen the role of the user in a channel is changedUser
User was removed from categoryMembers ManagementWhen the user is removed from a channelUser
Entry was added to channelChannel SubscriptionWhen a new media is published to a channelUsers subscribed to the channel
Comment was added to entryCommentsWhen a new comment is added to a mediaMedia owner

To configure email notifications:

  1. On the Configuration Management panel of the Kaltura MediaSpace Administration Area, enable the Emailnotifications module by selecting “Yes” for enabled .
  2. Click  Save.
  3. Click on the dedicated page link to access the notifications configuration.
  4. Use the dedicated page to enable / disable individual notifications and modify the templates of the emails that are sent for each notification.

For more information, see the article on Kaltura Notification Templates.

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