Views: Set A Webcam Participant In Presenter Position

Presenter position gives prominence to a specified webcam participant. Setting a presenter helps bring focus to that participant by enabling participants to see the main speaker more clearly. Presenter is a webcam position. Presenters do not get additional permissions.

Set A Webcam Participant As A Presenter

  1. Hover your cursor over a webcam participant in the webcam tray.
  2. Click the Presenter icon to the right of the microphone button.
  3. To unset a presenter, simply click the Presenter icon again.

💡There can only be one presenter at a time. 

💡The presenter webcam position has two different views:

  • Floating Overlay - When content is displayed on stage, the presenter webcam floats over the displayed content. Each participant can click and drag the presenter webcam to a position that is least in the way.

  • Full Frame - When there is no content displayed, the presenter webcam takes up the entire stage.

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