The Kaltura Scheduling feature enables leveraging Kaltura's media management capabilities to schedule recordings using partner capture devices. For more information about  the Recscheduling module see the Kaltura Scheduling Administrator's Guide.

Select or enter values for the relevant fields and click Save.



EnabledEnable the Recscheduling module.
allowLiveLectureCaptureAllow scheduling of 'Lecture Capture + Live' events.
allowedUsersSelect specific users who are allowed to schedule events.
The users will be automatically added to the 'RecordScheduleGroup' group.
exportResourcesDownload a resources list of resources already defined in your system
manageResourcesUpload a resource definition file. See here for more information.
additionalRootCategoriesAdd additional root categories as a publishing destination for scheduled recordings. Note that all categories under additional root categories will be viewable by the users creating scheduled recordings.
This option is only relevant to Kaltura MediaSpace publishing workflows for events.
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