Lecture Capture - Scheduling Initial Setup

Recording Scheduler Initial Setup

  • Resources  - Setup the resources/devices to use.
  • Permissions - Setup the roles that are allowed to schedule a recording at the school/institution.
  • Publishing Categories - Setup when categories need to be created in advance for multi applications.


Kaltura's aim is to provide seamless integration into the Kaltura platform from different devices and standardize content upload from anywhere, at any time and from any device. Kaltura is an instrumental leader in the forthcoming Open Capture Standard ((2017) that provides a standard way to use devices to capture information.

Ingesting from different resources/different devices has been challenging since most schools or institutions recording equipment is different. There are many factors that must be leveraged, for example, what the school has already invested in recording resources , depreciation of equipment, taxes, and other factors that impact managements' decisions when deciding budgets. The Open Capture Standard should resolve these issues and define how to get content into one place and get it to adopt. Recording Scheduling compliments the OC Standard. 

Each resource is mapped to device.  The device is triggered by the scheduling API.

To upload a resources file

  1. In the KMS Management Console select the Recscheduling Module and enable it.
  2. In the manageResources field click Upload a resource definition file (.csv) An example format file can be seen here.
    The list should contain all available resources for recording, the device name and the device location.

To view the actual resources that are used for the recording

  1. In the KMS Management Console select the Recscheduling Module and enable it.
  2. In the exportResource field click Download the Resources list.

To view how the <user role> schedules the resource

  1. In the Add or Edit Event Window click the Resources field.
    The available resources are displayed.
  2. Select a resource from the drop down list and click Save.


To set permissions

  1. In the KMS Management Console select the Recsheduling Module and enable it.
  2. In the allowedUsers section, select specific users that will have permissions to schedule events. The permissions are identical to the role mapping for the LMS. Click +Add allowedUsers to add additional users.

In My Media in the Actions drop down an icon indicating the roles that are allowed to schedule recordings will be displayed.

Publishing Categories (for Publishing Cross Kaltura Applications)

In the KAF module –there are root categories for LMSs that allow setting up the recording schedule through KMS but publishing to KAF.  Multiple root categories allow for cross application publishing.

You can add additional root categories. When you publish the event – you will be prompted to publish to which categories. (anything under that category).

As part of the setup process, the KMS admin may upload a bulk upload category CSV to add additional categories that are defined in the LMS. It’s important to understand the mapping of KAF courses to categories in the specific instance, but this capability is already available and can be added as a setup process.

A category is created only after a video is uploaded to the Media Gallery.  Scheduling is usually performed before the semester starts and categories may not exist since entries have not been uploaded. Initially, only KMS categories are  displayed in the Scheduling module in the Management Console.  KMS admins may publish to additional categories by using the the bulk upload of categories CSV in the KMS to sync the categories for later use.

For example, a KMS admin may want to publish the Blackboard categories to KAF, however they may not be available since categories in the LMS are only created after content is uploaded. The KMS admin may not see the categories and will need to upload the  bulk upload category CSV to map the Blackboard courses to the KAF categories.

Contact your account manager to synchronize the categories for your account.

To publish to categories 

  1. In the KMS Management Console select the Recsheduling Module and enable it.
  2. In the additionalRootCategories field select the root categories that you would like to publish your recorded events to.
  3. Save.
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