Monitoring Your Live Stream Using the Live Dashboard

The Kaltura Live Dashboard

The Kaltura Live Dashboard is the central location for all related live actions and information. The primary purpose of the dashboard is to support customers with a live workflow who want to actively monitor the health of their stream. Users can quickly identify if there are issues with their live streaming and what may be the root cause. The dashboard information give assurance to customers that want validation that their live broadcasting system is functioning at a satisfactory level.

The Kaltura Live Dashboard may be accessed from either the Kaltura Management Console (KMC) or from the Kaltura Webcasting Producer’s Application. The Kaltura Live Dashboard is used for operating and monitoring live broadcasting with Kaltura.  

To access the Kaltura Live Dashboard from the KMC

  1. In the KMC Content tab, select a Live entry.
  2. Select  "Live Dashboard" from the Select Action drop down menu.

    The Live dashboard screen is displayed. To enable the Preview Live mode feature, see the Preview Live Mode article.

The Kaltura Live Dashboard includes the following:

The Kaltura Live Dashboard Status Bar

The status bar displays the following information about your live stream:

  • Stream Status 
    • Live -Indicates that you are broadcasting from your encoder and your stream is live. Viewers are able to watch the stream.
    • Preview - Indicates that you are broadcasting from your encoder, however, viewers will not see the broadcasting stream until you Go Live. For more information see the article on the Preview Live.
    • Offline - Indicates that you are not broadcasting from your encoder. Viewers will receive a currently not broadcasting message.
  • Stream Health - The stream health is a real time indicator of the incoming stream from your encoder to the Kaltura cloud. The stream health is monitored dynamically and may change mid stream.  You can hover over the Stream Health question mark to view the Stream Health legend. The Stream Health represents the overal QoS expereienced by your viewers.
    The following levels of Stream Health are sensed and indicated:
    • Good  - The incoming stream is healthy.
    • Fair - Your video is playing but the quality may be improved.
    • Poor - The video may not be playing at all, or may have severe buffering issues and/or severe audio issues.
    • N/A - The encoder is offline or Kaltura is not receiving data.

Stream health information is shown in the Message Box. See Stream Health Monitoring Using the Kaltura Live Dashboard for additional information. 


The incoming video resolution is presented near the Stream Health to indicate the incoming resolution as sensed by Kaltura.

  • Elapsed time - indicates the duration of event. The time starts when the live broadcast starts.
  • Transcoding - indicates whether cloud Transcoding is enabled or not.

After you start the live broadcast, hover over 'Transcoding' to display all the transcoding flavors. This list represents the different ABR flavors which are delivered to your viewers in this stream.

  • Recording -  indicates whether Live to VOD recording is enabled or not. Set when you configure the Live Entry in the KMC.
  • DVR -  indicates whether DVR is enabled or not.  Set when you configure the Live Entry in the KMC
  • Redundancy - indicates whether Redundant streaming (broadcasting to two data centers) is used. This monitor is sensed only when the stream starts.

The Kaltura Live Dashboard Player and Entry Details

The Player with the Live Entry is displayed for visual monitoring of the stream and is identical to what your viewers are seeing.

The following details for the entry are displayed:

  • Creator
  • Creation Date
  • Type 
  • Plays
  • Moderation
  • Entry Id

The Kaltura Live Dashboard Stream Health Log

The Stream Health Log is a chronological list of the stream health messages from the live stream. As you are broadcasting you will recieve period logs about the stream's health. 

When your live stream is over you can inspect all the issues that occurred during your live stream. After the event you can see what happened at specific times during your live broadcast. 


The Kaltura Live Dashboard Analytics show how many people are currently watching. Click on the Analytics to open the Live Analytics Report in the KMC for that specific entry.






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