Media Repurposing

Overview of Media Repurposing

Media Repurposing Packaged Policies

Media Repurposing Actions

A wide range of actions are applicable on the media assets.

Open Architecture

As part of Kaltura's platform, Media Repurposing is an open solution, designed with integration in mind. Using smart connectors, both media and metadata may be transformed in-transfer to match all 3rd party archiving standards and APIs, allowing customers to meet compliance requirements and leverage on their existing offline archiving solutions.


Packaged Policies and Custom Profiles may be set and deployed by Kaltura’s Professional Services according to the customer’s requirements.

Profiles may be set in any one of Kaltura’s deployment options – SaaS, Hybrid or OnPrem.

Profiles and Simulation (‘Dry Run’) are set through the Kaltura API and their turnaround time may be configured as well.

Supported Customer Examples

  • Media - “We generate a lot of news clips every day, but these stale fast. We would like to avoid overages by retaining only news clips watched in the last 60 days and move the rest to our own offline storage. We would also like to do the same with our weather reports but these can be retired after 20 days”
  • Enterprise - “Due to compliance and legal reasons, we must purge all meeting recordings after 30 days, product announcements after 3 years and training videos after 7 years. Our retention policy dictates that assets marked for Legal Hold must not be purged. We would also like to notify media owners 7 days prior to purge, to allow them to download their videos. Lastly, we would like to expedite purging of training videos from 7 years to 3 years if not watched for over 14 months”.
  • Education - “Our faculty works with a Fedora Commons compliant archiving system. We would like to schedule archiving of our lab recordings, using the same digital object scheme we created in Fedora and used by all of our archived materials. When archiving, we would like all mobile and low-bandwidth video flavors deleted, but retain the source footage online and mark it as “archived”, so that students can no longer access it via our LMS”.
  • Enterprise (Pharma) - “Due to recent eDiscovery regulation changes, our marketing videos need to adhere to stricter compliance rules and be archived once the patent of the drug which the video advertises, expires. We are using an enterprise-grade commercial archiving solution, so would like metadata transformed and all online files purged”.
  • Media (Service Provider) - “We are launching a new OTT service with a limited catalog. We would like to automatically repurpose titles not watched for over 3 months, so that they rotate into the Staff Picks category and create the perception we have a larger catalog”.
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