Kaltura Meetings Best Practices Training Agenda


In this session, we will review best practices, including how to prepare users, ensure they connect successfully and maintain a smooth connection.

Key takeaways 

  • How to successfully prepare, run, and manage a live room?
  • Configuring live room based on the session type
  • Preparing your participants to best utilize live room tools
  • Tips and tricks to gain maximum engagement
  • Maintaining live room security
  • How to troubleshoot your session




Greeting/ Introduction 

  • Intro & Recap
  • Setting Up For A Meeting 
  • Hardware & Software 
  • Prepping Our Guests 
  • Preparation For Hosts (The big one!)  
  • Starting Live Session Checklist 
  • Troubleshooting Devices 
  • Setting up for a meeting 
  • Doing a dry run 
  • What prep work is needed 
  • Finding a co-moderator
  • Hardware & Video Setup
  • Lighting 
  • Audio 
  • Second monitor 
  • Set webcam appropriately 
  • Update Your System 
  • Turn off any unnecessary items
  • Prepping our guests
  • Send Itinerary/Agenda 
  • Send Vital Room Information
  • Room Link 
  • Send System Requirements/Quick Tech Check 
  • Connect from Chrome/Firefox 
  • Before You Begin Tips and tricks like closing unnecessary tabs 
  • Getting Started Video 
  • Sending Pitch Videos 
  • Preparation for hosts
  • Set your room settings, including, Room Mode, Strong Mute Vs Standard Mute.
  • Add files/Prepare playlist 
  • Prepare Polls/Quizzes 
  • Whiteboard activities 
  • Breakout Prep o Place Items in Shared Breakout Folder, including, Auto-assign or have group list ready, Prepare co-moderator to assign participants to rooms, Provide technical instructions to the guest after explaining the assignment.
  • Share screen: Open up tabs you plan to share 
  • Setting Tech Slides & Poll
  • Starting Live Session Checklist  
  • Decide which views to operate in 
  • Set relevant participants as moderator 
  • Set Slides 
  • Begin Recording 
  • Assign individual permissions 
  • Consider muting all participants  
  • Review how participants can mute/unmute themselves 
  • Consider doing a quick sound test/asking 
  • Deliver relevant instructions for how to use elements of the room 
  • Troubleshooting Tips For Devices
  • Check Settings 
  • Refresh 
  • Close other apps 
  • Browser Blocking? Send article 
  • OS Blocking? Send article 
  • Security suite? VPN? Contact CC?
  • Tips and tricks! More features & viewing options.
  • Review the browser focus feature to track your participant's attention. 
  • Learn how to change the room view.

Getting Help / Questions 

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